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To get the answer you need, please browse the following questions our customers asked us most of the time. If you did not find the desired information, please, contact us on 0161 870 6431.

What locksmith services do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of locksmith services to our clients in Stockport.
We provide but are not limited to

All our locksmiths are well trained, certified, and committed to offering high-quality locksmith services. If you have any key or lock problem and are searching for a reputable and reliable locksmith in Stockport, look no further.

Do you offer emergency locksmith service?

Yes, we do. Common emergency locksmith services that we offer include lockout of your home, burglary repairs, lockout of your car, broken key extraction, door opening and more. Contact us on 0161 870 6431 to get fast service from our experts. We offer 24/7 service. This means that you can call us late at night or on Boxing Day to book.

How long do you take to perform a job?

Most lock installation and repair services take less than an hour to perform. We have invested in high-quality equipment that enables us to perform repairs or upgrades efficiently in record-breaking time. Therefore, if you need a locksmith service in Stockport, to fix your lock problem fast but effectively, we are the right choice for you.

I have forgotten my safe combination, what should I do?

Firstly, do not panic because all your valuables are still safe. Do not try to open the safe with a drill or a sledgehammer because you can damage your things. And the purchase of a new safe box goes without saying. Call us immediately to help you access your safe. Upon receiving your call, we will send our technicians to your property to come and open your safe safely.

Is it safe to throw away old keys?

Locks and keys have been used since ancient times. There is no harm to the environment if you throw away your metal keys. They do not require any recycling features, no special disposal requirements. In another case, if you have plastic keys, they must be utilized properly. There are companies that specialise in plastics, battery or LED disposal.

If you changed your lock or only cylinder and there is no need in the key, you can use it as a décor element for the mirror or lamp. Use your phantasy.

We would not recommend giving keys to children to play.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards cash.

Will my car locks still open after you have opened them?

Yes, they will. Usually, the locksmith uses the method – "lock picking" to open or pick a lock. This is an easy way to unlock without damaging the lock body or any surfaces. The only exception is if the locking mechanism needs to be drilled or is irrevocably damaged.

Are you licensed and insured locksmiths in Stockport?

Yes, we are. It is a must to have a license. We also have many satisfied customers in Stockport who can prove or credibility and legitimacy.

We have a team of well-trained and certified technicians who are committed to offering high-quality locksmith services. We also offer a wide variety of locksmith services at affordable prices.

Do not wait, call our Tone Locksmiths of Stockport team today to book your appointment!

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